Information for Providers (MD/NP/PA)

You care for patients with psychiatric conditions that can be challenging to manage. Psychiatrists can be difficult to access, especially in rural and remote areas. PsychMDs Collaborative Care is a flexible, timely Psychiatry consult service that can help you take better care of your patients.

Rural Primary Care providers can consult PsychMDs for timely chart review and recommendations, like a “curbside” consultation. As the Primary Care Provider, you remain the patient’s treatment provider and prescriber. Our recommendations are provided to you on a “take it or leave it” basis—it is your decision whether and how to implement recommendations from PsychMDs. 

You may submit a consult request to PsychMDs by completing the online form below (scroll down for Provider Consult Request Form). Or, if you prefer, you may download a PDF version using the button at the very bottom of this page, scan it and email to consults@psychmds.com, or print and send by fax or regular mail. 

Examples of appropriate consult requests:

  • Treatment resistant depression
  • Polypharmacy
  • Medications in the elderly
  • Long term management of psychotropic medications
  • Anxiety management
  • Self-help resources

We are NOT able to handle the following types of consults:

  • Emergency evaluations for acute psychosis, acute suicidality etc.
  • Litigation questions
  • Patients who are already under active care of a Psychiatrist (2nd opinion)
  • Patients in acutely unstable or critical condition
  • Patients under involuntary mental health commitment

Please note this service does NOT replace full psychiatric consultation which may be more appropriate and recommended for some patients. This service is NOT appropriate for crisis or psychiatric emergencies. It is intended to support your primary management of chronic psychiatric conditions.

This service is offered on a prepaid basis. PsychMDs reports will not be released until the fee of $300 is paid. Normally, the patient is responsible to ensure payment is made. 

PsychMDs Collaborative Care reserves the right to refuse any consultation at our discretion. In such cases the fee will be promptly refunded in full.