Information for Patients

If you are a rural patient with a Primary Care Provider (MD/NP/PA) and you do not currently have a treating Psychiatrist, PsychMDs may be able to help improve your mental health care. Your Primary Care Provider may request a consultation from PsychMDs for recommendations to help guide your treatment. Your Primary Care Provider remains your treating provider, and will make the decisions about prescribing and whether to implement any recommendations from the PsychMDs consult report. 

Payment is normally the responsibility of the patient and is required in full, in advance. The fee is $300 for each consultation.

You and your family may wish to provide information to PsychMDs, including questions you and they may have for the Psychiatrist. These questions may be addressed in the report at the Psychiatrist’s discretion. Once your Primary Care Provider’s consult request is approved, you may submit questions or other relevant information about your case to PsychMDs by mail, email or fax for review. 

We are unable to accept consult requests directly from patients. If you are interested in our services, please speak with your Primary Care Provider about it. You may ask your Primary Care Provider (MD/NP/PA) to complete the Provider Consult Request Form, either online or on paper. Either way, the consult request must come from your Primary Care Provider. 

If your Provider’s consult request is accepted, PsychMDs will carefully review your file and make personalized recommendations intended to improve the safety and quality of your mental health care. However, implementation is up to your Primary Care Provider, who will decide whether and how to implement our recommendations. Though the recommendations may concern medications for psychiatric conditions, our Psychiatrists do not prescribe. Your Primary Care Provider will continue to be your prescriber and treater. The consultation report is intended for your treating Primary Care Provider, not directly for you (the patient) or your family. 

In some cases, PsychMDs may recommend that you also seek traditional, formal psychiatric consultation from a local Psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

If you would like to ask your Primary Care Provider to submit a consult, you may print out the PDF form below and show it to your Provider. The form can also be filled out online by your Provider. In either case, your Provider must be the one to fill out the form to request the consult. We cannot accept forms filled out by patients.